Adult Workshops


How to Depict Metal and Glass

Objects with Pastels

Instructor: Sonsoles Shack


Sonsoles will first explain and show you examples of important painting fundamentals that are key to accurately representing three-dimensional form: values, edges, some color theory, composition and texture, all of which contribute to the optical illusion we are all after: successfully representing 3D subjects on a 2D surface! She will do a demonstration each day to help illustrate the techniques and concepts we will use. The participants will have the chance to do a still life or two, implementing those concepts and techniques in their own artwork. We will be using classical pastel sticks but Pan Pastels are also welcomed (if you are new to these, you will have a chance to try them). Handouts and reference photos will be provided.

Sonsoles grew up within a family of artists in Madrid, Spain. From an early age she demonstrated a passion for art and she drew well. She has been drawing and painting for 40+years, been an art instructor for 16 years, and teaches private classes and workshops at the Mountain Artists Guild (Prescott, AZ) and at the Southern Arizona Artists Guild (Tucson, AZ).

She is an artist fascinated with portraiture of people and animals, and the depiction of light and dramatic contrast. She has shown her paintings in several galleries, including Ben’s Fine Art Gallery, the Mountain Artist Guild Gallery, the Phippen Art Museum in Prescott AZ, the Southern Arizona Artists Guild (SAAG) in Tucson, the Tubac Center of the Arts, and The Cactus Wren Gallery in Tubac AZ.

Her art education includes classes at the University of Maryland, the Montpelier Arts Center (Maryland), and the Scottsdale Artists School (Arizona). She studied with renown instructors like Amery Bohling, Phil Beck, James Coulter, Robert Goldman, Ray Roberts, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, David Harlan, Cody DeLong, Barbara Mulleneaux, and Chris Saper.

She has received awards from the Portrait Artists of Arizona, the Best & Brightest show at the Scottsdale Artist School, and at the Mountain Artist Guild.

Dates: October 7, 8 and 9, 2024

Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM (bring a sack lunch)

Location: Theater Lobby at CPAC

Fee: $330, Early Bird Special $300 if paid in full by September 3, 2024

Registration Cut-off Date: September 30, 2024

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Compositional Creations

Instructor: Fran Sutherland


This workshop will explore composition styles from object accurate surrealism (i.e., Salvador Dali) to non-object style (i.e., Piet Mondrian). The participants should bring examples of famous art styles or artists they admire. Fran will also provide images of artworks for discussion.

An exercise in abstracting aspects from the photos and paper images will be practiced during the morning. Fran will supply tracing paper, and a demonstration of this process which will include how to enlarge the image to the size of the substrate that has been brought to the session.

Fran Sutherland, a native New Yorker, is a classical trained painter and educator who developed an art curriculum that coordinated with global students. She has taught watercolor, acrylic, oils, mixed media, in addition to photography, silk screening, and encaustics. Fran’s creative paintings synthesize both Eastern and Western formats in multi-media works. Her teaching objective is to show how the chosen media and techniques express personal ideas.

An award-winning artist and teacher, Fran Sutherland earned her BS and MS degrees at the State University of New York at New Paltz, NY. She is a member of the Arts Society of Kingston (ASK) Kingston, NY, Woodstock Art Association and Museum (WAAM), Woodstock, NY, Tubac Center of the Arts, and the Santa Rita Art League (SRAL), Green Valley, AZ. View works by Fran at Fran Sutherland.

Dates: November 4, 2024

Time: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM (1 hour break for lunch) (bring a sack lunch).

Location: Harry and Ann Paxton Gallery at CPAC

Fee: $150, Early Bird Special $135 if paid in full by October 7, 2024

Registration Cut-off Date: October 28, 2024

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Exploring Acrylics! Techniques, Tips and Tricks

Instructor: Tonja Vojacek Sell


This class is for beginner to advanced students who are interested in boldly exploring acrylic painting. Learn techniques. tips, & tricks to add interest and energy to your work. We’ll explore many different acrylic applications to create engaging pieces.  

Students will learn to create rice paper image transfers for underpaintings, the value of working in a series and how to add elements of realism to an abstract underpainting. We will combine acrylic mediums while exploring ways to incorporate elements of form, pattern, texture & design. This is a high energy, fun, experimental class!
Tonja Vojacek Sell is a Wisconsin native and daughter of glass artisans. She attended the Milwaukee School of Art & Design, where she studied fine arts, drawing, and illustration.

Tonja lives with her family in the home, teaching studio & gallery they built near Lake Superior. They spend part of their winters in Cochise County, AZ. Tonja works in and teaches many different mediums; including oil, acrylic, watercolor, ceramic, glass, felt and more!

Tonja is an award-winning artist who has been represented by galleries across the country and her work is in multiple private collections Internationally. She is well known for her figurative work but enjoys painting a wide range of subjects and styles.

She and her husband, Matthew, also lead International Art Tours where students explore and paint. Links to her online classes may be found on her website: Tonya Vajacek Sell.

Dates: December 3 – 4, 2024

Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (bring a sack lunch).

Location: Theater Lobby at CPAC

Fee: $300, Early Bird Special $270 if paid in full by November 5, 2024

Registration Cut-off Date: November 26, 2024

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Creating an Art Journal Practice

Instructor: Betsy Kimbrough


“Art journaling is an open-ended form of art on loose paper or in a bound journal where the focus is on the process of creating and of self-expression rather than a particular end result.”

This fun fast paced 2-day workshop is for you if you want to improve your creative art practice and learn new mixed media skills. We create your journal then learn how to successfully collage, make authentic marks, find color preferences, use simple composition, bind your journal and much more.

A variety of tools and supplies will be provided for you to try. Your supply list will be limited as most are included in your workshop fee.
This workshop is designed for all levels of artists from beginner to experienced. All will find inspiration from the instruction. You will leave this workshop with an Art Journal you have created and a “tool box” of ideas to get your art practice kicked into high gear for 2025.

Betsy is award winning artist and an avid art journal creator who enjoys sharing that passion with others. An experienced workshop leader, she is eager to help you enhance or begin your art practice thorough creative art journaling. View works by Betsy at Betsy Kimbrough.

Dates: January 28 – 29 2025

Time: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM (bring a sack lunch).

Location: Theater Lobby at CPAC

Fee:: Includes Special Supplies (Journal, acrylic mediums, ephemera, use of pencils, inks, paints, etc. See provided supply list for complete details.) $305, Early Bird Special $275 if paid in full by December 31, 2024

Registration Cut-off Date: January 21, 2025

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Discovering Your Authentic View

Instructor: Roberta Rogers


Students are encouraged to re-examine their photos for a more creative and personal expression with watercolor. Cropping, color experiments, value changes and composition are a few of the techniques to be explored. Changing any of these techniques from a photo can push creativity.

What if?? is the challenge. A new focus, no fear and fun are the goals for this workshop.
Roberta Rogers hold a Master’s Degree in Art From California State University at Fresno A third generation watercolorist, Rogers has specialized in water color landscapes and historic architecture of the Southwest. Her work is recognized by its’ sparkling color, attention to detail and interesting views of subject matter.

The artist taught Watercolor for 25 years at Coconino Community College in Flagstaff before moving to Tubac where she taught for the Tubac Center for the Arts and Tubac School of Fine Arts. Currently showing at Tubac Arts and Gifts at 30 Tubac Road and exhibiting at various outdoor shows such at the Tubac Festival of Fine Art and Art in the Park-July 4th in Flagstaff are shows! Best of Show in Arizona Aqueous Competition for 2019 for “Red Hots.” View works by Roberta at Roberta Rogers.

Dates: February 25 – 26, 2025

Time: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM (bring a sack lunch).

Location: Theater Lobby at CPAC

Fee: $300, Early Bird Special $275 if paid in full by January 28, 2025

Registration Cut-off Date: February 18, 2025

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Oil Painting for Beginners

Instructors: Leslie Berry


Are you curious or excited about learning to paint in oil? Have you experimented with this medium and found yourself eager for some hands-on instruction? Read on to see if this 2-day workshop is for you.

We will cover some basics:

1. A discussion of materials, brushes, paint surfaces, oil pigments, mediums, and the basic palette.

2. An approach to the painting process and how we “see” our subject as well how composition and value studies are the foundation for this process.

3. An understanding of color properties and how they impact our
perception of the subject.

We will paint “alla prima” (complete a painting in one sitting without allowing layers of paint to dry in between) from photos supplied by the instructor. Our goal: one painting per day. A demonstration will be given in the morning, then participants will paint on their own. Individual instruction will be offered as the workshop progresses.

Leslie Berry, a student of artist, Wayne Thiebaud, received her BA in Art Studio from the University of California, Davis. She was influenced by his work in figurative painting and his contribution to Pop Art. Leslie was also a student and admirer of the work and teachings of Christopher Schink, “Mastering Color and Design in Watercolor.”

Leslie embarked on an art career as a graphic designer/illustrator in California. While in Ventura, California she began exhibiting works in watercolor through an artists’ cooperative – a unique experience in art community not unlike that afforded through the Santa Rita Art League of Green Valley.

In recent years her focus has been on painting in oil – landscapes “en plein air” and in-studio, as well as portraits and still life paintings. “I’m excited to share my experience and insight as an artist with any and all who seek to express themselves through art. Art is a powerful thing – good for the heart, mind and spirit.”

Dates: March 25 – 26, 2025

Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (bring a sack lunch).

Location: Theater Lobby at CPAC

Fee: $280, Early Bird Special $255 if paid in full by February 24, 2025

Registration Cut-off Date: March 18, 2025

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Gelli Printing Extravaganza

Instructors: Susan Ettl


Susan started Gelli printing twenty years ago when she had to make her plates from real gelatin, yes Jell-O! Thanks to some innovative women, people can now buy permanent Gelli plates in a variety of shapes and sizes. The beauty of using these flexible plates instead of a hard surface for monotypes is that imprints of something as fine as cheesecloth can be accomplished Plus, the process is quick, easy, and fun!

Join Susan for two-days filled with serendipitous surprises using a variety of techniques to produce a marvelous collection of papers. Students will then make a book/art journal using some of these printed papers and rayon ribbon. Papers created in the class can be used for collage, substrates for other pieces of artwork, and more. These printed papers can be used for collage, book pages/covers, substrates for other pieces of artwork, foundations for art journal pages, and more.

Some of the techniques used in Gelli printing include using stamps, stencils, brushes, pipettes, and a selection of texture-making tools such as placemats, shelf liners, bath mats, cheesecloth, potato mashers, etc. A variety of media (acrylics, watercolors, inks, sprays inks) can be printed on an array of papers, including deli, tissue, old books pages, etc.

During the first day, students will learn several layering techniques using stamps, stencil, and texture-making tools. On day two, students will explore the use of sumi ink, ink pads, spray inks, and mica powders to create luscious effects. The day will end with students creating a booklet using the papers developed in this workshop.

Susan Ettl is an artist and instructor who creates vibrant collages and paintings, which focus on the interplay of color and texture produced by layering paints and paper. Her work has a primordial essence which speaks of an eternal universality influenced by her travels in Europe, Mexico, and Central America. Susan has taught art workshops for both adults and children. She encourages her students to create their own images to use in their work. She continues her art education by studying with local, national and international instructors. The courses she took in 2021 have inspired her process to be more joyful and intuitive. View works by Susan at Susan Ettl.

Dates: April 8 – 9, 2025

Time: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM (bring a sack lunch).

Location: Theater Lobby at CPAC

Fee: Includes Special Supplies (Sumie ink, ink pads, spray inks, mica powders, specialty papers, and more): $300, Early Bird Special $270 if paid in full by March 11, 2025

Registration Cut-off Date: April 1, 2025

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