Adult Workshops


Better Values, Better Paintings

Instructor: David Simons


Join David Simons for a great two day workshop where he will share his secrets for creating impressive paintings. You will learn how to trust yourself and paint what you see (shapes) and not what you think you see (objects). To accomplish this, he will teach you how to train your inner critic to focus on shape, color, values and their relationships instead of objects.

During this class, David will guide you step by step to create one landscape and one portrait. He will address which colors to apply during each step, thickness of paint applications through each step, using different planes of brushes, auditioning colors, and most importantly seeing layers of brushstrokes.

David Simons is a self-taught artist of over 30 years from Tubac, Arizona. His unique and captivating oil paintings have made him one of the most notable artists in the Southwest, with collectors worldwide. Displaying a range of diverse subjects in his work, David brings his signature style to life with scenes from the southwest, seascapes, portraits, still life, and more. David also hosts workshops on oil painting and is a renowned artist not only by Arizona locals, but national publications such as Southwest Art, Art Talk Magazine, and Arizona Highways.

“Oil painting for me is a meditative experience — essential to my well-being, and a necessary part of my life. Painting brings me great joy, and, I hope, uplifts the hearts of those who view my work.

I like to explore the subtle ways that light affects the subject. I also enjoy color, but the value relationships in a scene are what interest me most. I also like to emphasize the abstract nature of what surrounds us.” View works by David at David Simons

Dates: April 12 and 13, 2017

Location: CPAC

Fee: $235

Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (bring a sack lunch).

Registration Cut-off Date: April 5, 2017

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